either topless, or bottomless, making it a little more balanced for me and my pals. The

race started, as we took off, down the paved roadway, through the resort, out onto the
sandy pathway, and into a abandoned orange grove. Crossing over the finish line, we were
congratulated by a Naturist, and handed our blue ribbon. We decided to call it a day, and
headed toward the parking lot. On our way outside, as a momento, I bought a video, titled,
A Day at Lake Como Club, exemplifying the many social activities this resort has to offer.

That evening, I sat quietly by myself, reflecting back on my experiences of the day
Seeing social nudism. At first I wondered just how many non-nudists ever get the chance
to visit a Natuists resort. I thought to myself, not really many, and started comprehending just how
fortunate I was to have been able to seek out this experience. It was at this time, I became
inspired to further explore the lifestyle of social nudism.
What I learned from my first experience with social nudism is that Natuirsts are
Average people, from various socioeconomic classes, who choose to go about their
Company, with the absence of clothes. Naturists are extremely comfortable with their
bodies, regardless of shape or size, leading me to consider they are less judgmental and
more accepting of others. This was quite obvious to me upon entering the resort, when I
Found that there were some really over weight, in addition to physically healthy individuals walking
Approximately nude. No one seemed offended or disturbed by this, leading me to believe that
Nudism is an extremely comfortable and natural lifestyle. From this experience I can reason
that social nudism is not sexual, contrary to what others choose to believe. I was never
asked, or felt pressured by the Naturists, to remove my clothing. Furthermore, I didn’t

Observe any displays of sexual behaviour while visiting the resort. Everyone was friendly,
making it easier for follow to feel more relaxed, and comfortable. Overall, I feel that my first
encounter with social nudism was quite positive, which subsequently, prompted me to make a
return visit, a year afterwards.
My second visit to Lake Como proved to be more enjoyable than the first. I entered
the resort with a better understanding of what the Naturists lifestyle is about. I wasn’t a
bit apprehensive about entering http://videonudism.com/plage , although this time, I encouraged a gentleman to
accompany me, trusting to enrich his life as mine has been by introducing him to societal
nudism. My second visit to the naturist resort served to reinforce my views, as previously
stated, about societal nudists.
With this paper I ‘ve investigated various cultures in addition to approaches among individuals

Seeing nudism trying to bring more knowledge to the lifestyle. Although nudists
have existed since the start of time, for instance, Ancient Greeks participating in
athletic events naked, or the Japanese and Romans indulging in communal washing, social
nudism did not become an organized lifestyle until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Eventually, the efforts of many motivated individuals prompted social nudism to gravitate
and take root in America. Public nudists struggled for existence for many years
dodging ridicule from law officials, neighbors and family members, deeming them weird,
immoral and harmful to society. Often times nudists did not reveal their lifestyle for anxiety of
Endangering their social status or jobs. Social nudism is more easily accepted today and
some nudists are not shy or inhibited about letting others know about their lifestyle,
however, some nudists are still averse to discuss social nudism with non-nudists. I
Found the above mentioned upon obtaining individuals for my interviews. Two were Naturists,

however, the first person freely interviewed with me while my second person consented
initially, and then declined, stating that they felt I didn’t really comprehend the philosophy
behind social nudism and that their occupation could be in jeopardy if word got out that they are a
To date, there isn’t any signs suggesting that social nudism is dangerous or
Detrimental to society or individuals. As a matter of fact, the societal naturist lifestyle comprises
many advantages such as: relaxation in a non-threatening environment, anxiety alleviation, nonjudgmental approaches from others, higher degrees of self esteem, and absolute acceptance of one’s
own body. Even youngsters and teenagers participating in social nudism are more prone to
developing better perspectives about themselves and their bodies, and in tum learn that the
human body is not just beautiful regardless of what size or shape, but worthy of admiration. The
media, on the other hand, does a fine job of emphasizing the body from just a
physical standpoint depicting what the perfect human body should look like, when in reality,
Not a lot of people even come close to their unrealistic standards.
Although social nudism continues to attract new members, many folks are still not