My research led me to find that so many clubs had restrictive rules for folks. They weren’t accepting people’s self-expression and the clubs had this new un trusting approach. Nudists, I presumed, are supposed to see the body as innocent, but these just discovered rules say otherwise.

I found it so upsetting that the club would bar entry to men and women that had nipple piercings, but permitted earrings. As if to say – you are welcome here so long as you act like you have certainly no sexual parts (kind of like those old ASA naturist magazines where they would cloud out the genitals and made the people seem less human and more alien).
I decided to see if matters could be altered. At time, I was a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). So I thoughtwhat better organization to speak to about such dilemmas, which I considered were so out of touch with what the naturist movement should be about. Long story short, I got no responses.
At exactly the same time, I noticed a shift in society at large. The internet had spawned off new ways to connect and communicate. But as it became easier to connect, more and more people were becoming more judgmental and far more essential.
So I reached out to Felicity, whom I ‘d met at Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ. After passing her mother’s vigorous 2 hour investigation I got her approval to include her in this new venture that is Naturist Portal.
Growing up in a clothing-optional, nonjudgmental family offers you a far different outlook on life and individual interaction. What we as youth naturists have taken for granted, was the simple fact that while we may not have some of the superficial societal dilemmas to deal with within our close atmosphere, others still have to cope with much greater social pressures.
This is what lead to FKK becoming a more value-driven movement.
FKK is a societal acceptance movement and NOT merely a nudist focused organization. The naturist movement has a lot of issues now and is nowhere near as value-driven as what it used to be (at least how I remember it). FKK is here to educate the public about a vast majority of societal issues that many may not even realize exist.
Body Image Problems – We feel the naturist movement can and should do way more to address body image problems today. FKK has published a short ton of articles about body image and likely more in the last 4 years than all the other chief naturist organizations combined.
Sexuality – Sex and sexuality must not be a supply of shame. Yet most of the naturist clubs and organizations will walk out their way to deter such discussions. Since mainstream society behaves in much precisely the same manner, we use our system to clarify and train people about sex and sexuality issues.
Societal Approval – Nudist clubs and organizations say they boost approval but they actually send amalgamated massages when they discriminate against genders (largely single men but even single women, also), independence of self expression (for ) and so forth. We’re encouraging clubs to alter their policies and happen to be severing relationships with those that do not.

Censorship – Today’s society is reverting back to the days when Modigliani’s art was considered pornographic and unsuitable for public display. Statues are being removed from public view, art is still being censored, artists are being detained (Andy Golub is an excellent example) and the female nipple is deemed evil and is now a symbol of our spiritual worth driven and patriarchal society. Felicity herself was detained for being top free during an entirely legal artwork performance in NYC’s Wall Street.
Legal Dilemmas – America has, in a way, launched a war against the nudist community. Nude beaches are closing and more laws is becoming passed that hinders our ability to practice and appreciate our way of life. By releasing, encouraging and advising the public when such problems arise, we are helping to open people’s eyes to such dilemmas. help NAC (the only genuine legal maven when it comes to legislation) raise their reach and comprehension (we also support people to give to NAC as they’re over worked and far too under financed).
Felicity and I are always engaging with mainstream America. We engage with the biggest media and news outlets often, we constantly are researching and raising consciousness about social and acceptance problems and we are always working with and supporting the art community (just like we did for Andy Golub’s 2014 New York City BodyPainting Day).
Every one of this does take time and we do rack up expenses. Right now, we have to work other occupations to be able to keep FKK going. We rely on our members to help us fund this venture. But too lots of people, while they do support what we do, do not see value in helping us keep the lights on.