trouble revealing dark-skinned “simple” nudes…

was via the purposely non-er
otic genre of
Naturist-camp films
Movies featuring nude adults frolicking at fkk
camps started to emerge in the early 1930s, coin-
ciding with the first wave of American naturist-
colony culture. The early pictures are usually imbued
with a pompous, classically naturist,
Triumph of the
-styled confidence that nudism will bring about
a global raising of humankind.
Valley of the Nudes
poster pictured at right)
was filmed at a California
nudist colony. The movie begins with a producer’s
statement that “Our goal is really to demonstrate the benefits
derived from bathing the body in sunlight and air.
Our hope is to show that the rapid growth of the
Naturist motion through the world is based on health—both of the body and
mind.” The movie’
s storyline (some naturist-camp movies have storylines, some don’
t) concer
ns a news

paper reporter who’s assigned to write about a naturist camp and
winds up
it. Other early nudist-colony films comprise
Bare World
(1932), a documentary featuring European and
American naturist colonies…
937), filmed at an
egon nudist camp that would later become Squaw Mountain
The Expos of the Nudist Racket
which melds
Reefer Madness
-style scare-tactic anti-fkk narration
with, naturally, footage fr
om the bad camps themselves. At one
point, the film’
s nar
rator makes an unflattering comment about a
portly female nudist.
1954, Awesome York authorities banned
den of Eden
, filmed at a fkk camp,
because it allegedly described nude humans in “unwholesome sexually alluring posi-
tions.” The movie’s distributor appealed an
initial cour
t decision, and in
957 the
state court ruled in the film’s benefit, with
one judge arguing that “nudism in itself,
and without lewdness or dir
tiness, is not
obscenity in law or in common sense.”
The selection made it simpler for wider
commercial distribution of naturist-camp
Films, and exploitation directors
pounced on the chance, unleashing
Innumerable whimsically naughty “nudie-
cuties” for the commer
cial market in the
950s and early
B-movie legend Herschell Gordon Lewis produced nudie-cuties such as
Daughters of the Sun
(1962), and
Goldilocks and the
Three Bares
(1963) before singlehandedly inventing the slasher-movie genre with
Blood Feast
. Lately deceased cult director Doris Wishman was one of the
nudie-cutie’s more informed , concocting clever stunts including transplanting a grind-
house stripper onto fkk-colony gr
ounds and filming her—nothing illegal about

Blaze Starr goes Fkk
(1965) and establishing a naturist colony in outer space in
Nude on the Moon
Since complete-fr
ontal cinematic nudity was consider
ed legally obscene in America
until 1968, the fkk-camp movies were always careful to artfully hide the sub-
jects’ genitals, particularly swingin’ weenies. A strong distinction should be drawn
films and the
films which instantly succeeded
them. By definition, a nudist film prohibits any equation of nudity with sex. You’ll
see nude grownups playing volleyball and rowing canoes (known as “canuding”
among initiates), but you won’
t see any r
emotely amor
ous task
. When legal
Choices allowed for nude onscr
een sexuality in the late
960s, the nudist-camp
genre instantly expired, stampeded to death under increasingly bold cinematic
oticism and, finally, hardcore.

Girls and Social Nudity
A Letter to Wives From a Naturist Spouse
by Pamela Johnson
Although I ‘ve never met you I am taking the liberty of writing to you because I understand
that you and your husband have become interested in nudism, and are likely
whether or not to take the measure and visit camp this summer. My loving husband and I are nudists and
just like you we found our way in by ourselves. Yet, remembering all the obscure anxieties and
Stresses I fretted about which later proved groundless, I wou
ld like to help you. Will you let me
There are all those fine novels and magazines about nudists and nudism to guidance on the actually
Large difficulties that I shall not attempt to discuss them. You’re probably pretty well met in
your thoughts about them at . It is those little stresses, that buzz around like gnats
that can be genuinely affecting

I understand they were to me.
I must confess that one of my first reactions was the notion that I was considering doing
something that was contrary to e
verything I had ever been taught about modesty and “common
decency.” I read all the literature my husband brought home, and intellectually convinced myself
that it was an excellent thing

but there the feeling was, and it rankled. Everyone assured me that