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Felicity’s Naturist Blog:
Naturist Blog – Hi! Are you really new here? Welcome to Felicitys Blog – my nudist site! I am Felicity Jones (my pen name), I’m 24 and I heart naturism/ naturism. I grew up as a nudist with my family at a naturist club in New Jersey and now live in beachcameltoe , NY.
I started this naturist blog in 2010 when I co-founded Nudist Portal, an organization and growing community of young naturists. With this blog I plan to boost the naturist lifestyle and discuss news, events, contentious issues, http://mon-blog-gay.net/index.php/2016/03/28/i-love-being-a-nudist/ / resort reviews, the enticing stories of my naturist youth, and more!
The most significant problems for me in the naturist world are topfree equality, positive body image / body acceptance, and encouraging naturism in general so that more individuals will at least know it exists and realize it.
I also care deeply about the Earth, recycling, upcycling and climate change. Naturism regularly brings people closer to nature, but there won’t be anything left of it if we do not begin taking care of the planet!
Anyway, I consider nudism and naturism to be synonymous terms, but because naturism can have a negative connotation, I would rather call myself a naturist, or better yet, a nudie. To me, naturism is about being yourself, being proud of and loving your body, and accepting others just as they’re without ruling. Come to one of our events, and you’ll see what I mean.

Felicity Jones
Felicity’s Nudist Naturist Blog by Felicity Jones
I’ve been an activist for topfreedom and have also been involved with quite a few nude art performances in NYC. One of them resulted in my arrest on Wall Street. I enjoy these performances because they challenge the way in which people think about nudity.
I love naked yoga, reading, writing, skinny dipping, body painting, walking in nature, meditation, tennis, traveling, vegan baking and dance parties.
Here is a link to my first introductory site, to learn more about me. I will be always interested in your ideas, so do comment when you have something to say! Thanks for visiting.
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