Evolvefest is the primary annual fundraiser for a non profit, non denominational organization, Fellowship of the Beloved. The specific objectives for which this Fellowship is organized would be to supply a safe, healing and spiritually-informed gathering place for people of like-mind to gather with the aim of fellowship, learning, healing, sharing and outreach to the needs of our community. Fellowship of the Beloved exists to help co-create a worldwide culture marked by kindness, nurture, respectfulness, co-creation and life-affirming actions. The main spiritual teaching of the Fellowship of the Beloved is The Beloved attests in our midst through the Practice and Power of Love.

We expected more from Evolvefest and WOn’t be attending future festivals. We encourage others to read and take these places into serious thought before offering this festival any further support.
UPGRADE: It simply has come to our attention that Fellowship Farm, the latest festival site, declared that check it ‘ve cut ties with Evolvefest because with this! They said:
We are both saddened and outraged that in 2015, there are still individuals and organizations that feel justified in making self-righteous comments that intentionally damage and damage others.
At Fellowship Farm and at Child Guidance, we will absolutely not tolerate, support, endorse, or align ourselves with any organization that fails to see the value in diversity and equality.
Read the remainder of the statement on their Facebook page.
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Naturist Naturist Defined – Below I have assembled opinions from some of the most influential people in the nudist/ naturist community. During the recent events in the Castro with the San Francisco nudity prohibition, the label “naturist” has been tossed around a lot. Many folks voiced all types of views about what a “nudist” is or should be.
Some believe that any person who appreciates naked diversion should be considered a nudist, while some feel that the term signifies more than enjoying some naked time. So it got me thinking and as always, I enjoy to rely on people who have been around awhile and comprehend the inner workings of naturism in the States.
Morley Schloss Heads A Debate About Nudism
Is there more to being a naturist than hanging out nude?
This is the question that I posed:
“Is anyone who takes part in and / or appreciates bare recreation a nudist naturist ? Or is there more to it than that? “
Below you’ll read how this all star celebrity cast of influential people define the terms nudist naturist (I value these individuals views and thank them all for finding the time to weigh in on this somewhat ambiguous matter):

All Naturist – Of the widely read and followed All-Nudist Blog
Tom Mulhall – Owner of the Nudist Resort – Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs California
Paul Rapoport – Of the Federation of Canadian Naturists
Morley Schloss – Of Sun Sport Gardens Nudist Resort In Florida
Stephane Deschenes – Owner Of The Bare Oaks Nudist Resort In Canada
Chet Kresiak – Long time blogger and publisher of Nudism And Naturism Daily News
Mr. Sandy – Of Rock Lodge Nudist Club In New Jersey And Long Time Nudist
John Andersen – Nude Diversion Supporter
Dan – The present president of the Long Island Travasuns
All Nudist Writer Of All-Nudist Blog:
Is anyone who takes part in and / or loves unclothed recreation a naturist? Or is there more to it than that? Is a streaker a nudist? Is someone who frequents Hedonism a nudist?
Of course not. So yes, there’s much more to social nudism than just ‘having fun naked.’ If in doubt, try telling any naturist/naturist they’re no different than a nude Cloth! People who concur have a lot to learn about nudism/naturism; the rest will provide an earful of differences.
Tom Mulhall of Terra Cotta Inn:
Churchill said when talking about Brits and Americans: ” http://nudistsplace.com/first-time-nudist-stories/now-this-is-an-experience-still-gives-me-nightmares-up-to-this-day/ and British are one people distinguished solely by a common language.”
Brits say spanner. We say wrench. They say bloody for something shocking like “bloody hell.” We say bloody to mean someone or thing covered in blood.
They say boot for the trunk of a car and bonnet for the hood. They say canteen, we say cafeteria. They say caravan, we say travel trailer or towed trailer. The list goes on and on.
Brits say naturist, we say nudist. The word nudist comes in the Latin word nudus and has been in use since the 1500’s.