Naked Freedom and Naturism: Opening Website from Leaders of FKK Upstate NY

Guest Blog by: Steve & Susanne, leaders of FKK Upstate NY
Greetings FKK! I ‘m excited to take this opportunity to introduce Susanne and I as leaders of the recently founded FKK Upstate New York Chapter. It is challenging to express the sense of delight, privilege, and duty we feel about becoming part of the FKK community and its amazing eyesight. So, for now I will share the story of how we came to be involved in naturism and FKK.
Naked Freedom and Covering Nudism:
Unclothed independence – Let’s begin with a tiny parable about elephant positions. As the parable goes, when elephants in captivity are young, they are kept in place by a trainer who uses a wooden stake pounded into the earth, to which the elephant is tied. When the elephant is a baby the stake is powerful enough to bind him. The routine is never broken. Of course, over time the elephant grows to full stature and power. Astonishingly, the full grown elephant stays bound with the exact same position used since it was a baby. All the full grown elephant would need to do is walk away from the wooden stake and snap it away. Why does not the elephant do it? Because, it’s not the body which is bound, it is the mind.
Until recently our minds were bound with respect to completely accepting ourselves and others. The thought of naturism as an expression of acceptance never occurred to us. Running around nude? Heaven forbid! Our families, society and the Church have taught us ill pertaining to body worth, modesty, and shame. Unfortunately, most of churchianity is misguided with respect to God’s most amazing creation the body. Somehow, from Eden, they were naked and unashamed, and naked baptisms of the early church, nearly all modern Christendom could not have grown more wimpy and stodgy when it comes to experiencing the naked human body.
nude liberty
So when did things start to change for us? Well it began in Germany Susanne is a native German by the way. We met and married in Germany and lived there for a number of years in the 80’s and 90’s. I was always somewhat shocked about nudity in European life I never experienced it growing up in the States. There I first saw nudity; at the sand, on billboards, and on prime time T.V. This made for occasional lively dialogues between Susanne and I, or with friends. Seeing nudity so openly made me interested and I’d often be the one to raise the subject. Susanne was quite ambivalent about nudity she had sometimes practiced it on the plage, or as combined gender showering with her volleyball club. Nonetheless, our moderate interest in nudity gave way to churchy taboos as we became more involved in church. Susanne thought about her few nude encounters as a thing of the past, and eventually I stopped talking about it also.>
Years later, after moving to the States, we confronted our elephant stakes again. This time it was more serious than conversations about European nudity. It was about relationships. There were growing stresses in our union and company. I was becoming big tits on beach and mad person. At exactly the same time we began realizing Susanne had some pretty serious body image issues coming from puberty. This is the ideal storm when it comes to washing out love affair. I was forced to reconsider my company priorities. I’d forgotten life is not ultimately about company, or things, or money, or success. It’s really about people, about adoring them. Without this love, my life was becoming intolerable, and I was becoming intolerable even to my family. Susanne on the other hand, had to face the negative body images from her adolescence that were critically hindering our physical relationship, and causing me a enormous number of discouragement along with the company tension I was under.
In the midst of the emotional cauldron we were in, I started to have this unexpected internal desire to get naked to simply let go, be free, to be tolerating and accepted. Susanne failed to share this, and I CAn’t clarify it. I was convinced it came in the dark side and I resisted it for a long time. I didn’t comprehend it was actually about elephant positions. Paradoxically, I ‘d seek out secluded streams and ponds, hoping to take a naked plunge – but I couldn’t overcome my elephant stakes. I could not get naked, especially if other people were around! My conscience wouldn’t let me, regardless of how much the frustration and anger built up within me.
Finally, after several of the worst company weeks in my life the simplest things just seemed to be falling apart – I could tolerate it no longer. One day, I headed for a pond, and on the way I thought to myself, I expect there will be someone skinny dipping afterward I ‘ll have the courage to join them. Like an unexpected benefit, after I arrived there was actually a middle age couple swimming nude and free! I’d never seen anyone skinny dipping there before. That was needed. The inner tumult boiled over, I peeled off my clothes shedding years of anxiety, frustration, anger, and depression. I plunged in the water, and truly I had been baptized over. My heart and spirit compelled me to take that plunge, even though my mind was still convinced that it was against my religion. In hindsight, I really believe the Lord shoved me to that day, that pond, those fellow skinny dippers. I don’t want to think of where I would be now had that not occurred.
After taking the plunge I told Susanne every detail about my experience, and I asked her to discuss it with me I knew the experience would not be whole without the love of my life loving it with me. Truly I couldn’t imagine continuing in it without her. I would have nothing coming between us, even this liberation. After lots of quite patient discussion, and seeing important changes in me, she eventually consented to give it a try. We went to secluded places, first alone, then with other naturists present. Her fears gave way to the utter enjoyment of the experiences, and now the rest is history, as they say.
After experiencing the freedom of naturism, and knowing in our hearts it was right for us, we did a lot of mental debunking to rid ourselves of all remaining elephant stakes. Because we now realize that it’s biblically sound and spiritually up-building, the encounter is even more joyous. We are growing closer to each other, to God and to our fellow man. Since taking the plunge Susanne and I’ve worked through many body dilemmas and our relationship has grown. Also, the negative attitudes acquired through formerly misguided business priorities, have melted away and I’m able to love life again free of anger, frustration, and depression.
After all of these wonderful experiences, we are simply excited to give back by becoming part of FKK in order to help young people remove their elephant stakes and learn to accept themselves, and others. Why wait as long as we did? Jesus said, the best order is love God with all of your heart, and the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself. Isn’t that what God meant back in Eden in the first place?
Hey everyone, it really is about the love, and Felicity and Jordan, thanks for the vision and commitment!
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We’re Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We appreciate the freedom, relaxation, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.