Our First Naked Night Out In New York Was Awesome!

Hear All About Our First Bare Night Out in New York!
Hey fellow naturists,
We had a great Naked Night Out on Saturday night! Thanks to all of you who came and particularly all those who helped us. We’d the bar with our first-time nudist barmaid who jumped right in, which was amazing, along with food, music, and naked body painting! Many of us even went on the roof for a little while, it was merely a bit cold. 🙂
Thanks to everyone for making our 1st bare night out in NYC such http://purenudism2017.com/nudist/naturistsex.php ! The naked festivities went on until 2:30 in the morning and in spite of some glitches, we are happy with how it went. We definitely plan to put another unclothed night out naked beach spy in the worksvery shortly!

http://shockintown.com/post/family-nudism-pic.php had about 40% women, quite great! And we can undoubtedly do better for next time to be able to contain everyone. The average of all ages came out to 33.
I’m going to see if some our first-time nudists will write me something or tell me a line about their 1st encounter in nudism! Two of the girls were naked in minutes and absolutely at ease with it. In fact I’ve never seen nudebies (look at that, I just made up a fresh word) jump in and appreciate it so quickly.
We’d 2 press folks present as well, and we should have the ability to link you guys to our coverage when it goes up!
Naked Night Out Celebration in Nyc by FKK
All in all it was a amazing nude night out and we’re looking forward to the next Nude Night Out which should be announced shortly and will be taking place in New York City!
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