Skinny Dipping and Swimming Nude

Skinny Dipping – Few matters have the feeling of liberty and happiness like unclothed swimming, or skinny dipping. Individuals have been swimming nude as long as there have been people. While in the ancient past, bare was the only way to go swimming, in , it is considerably less okay to be naked. Having said that, people still swim in the nude.
Despite the fact that one needs to be nude to correctly skinny dip, it is often a group or social activity. Most often, one member of a group suggests the activity, and the others consent to it. Soon, everyone who needs to join in is naked and jumping into the water while those that preferred not to partake in the action occupy themselves some other way.
Although not the only type of group nudity in existence, skinny dipping is usually considered to be quite innocuous and “all in good fun” by most.
Skinny Dipping
Despite the popularity of skinny dipping, society has for centuries deemed it an unsuitable activity, especially in groups of mixed sex individuals. The swimsuit was initially introduced partly to combat the “immorality” of swimming or bathing in the nude with those of the opposite sex present.
The first recorded example of a swim suit is in 4th century Greece, though the first modern day bathing suits showed up in the 18th century in public bath houses in France and England (see the History of Women’s Swimwear).
As time went on, swimsuits became less and less about modesty and more about fashion. Modern swimsuits would surely offend the strict modesty of Victorian times.
A police officer measures a girl’s bathing swimsuit to see that it satisfies the required length
But if the swimsuit has been a component of culture for so long, why then do people still enjoy the occasional dip in the buff? In the end, most of us don’t go around airing out all of our “unmentionable” littles in everyday life, and swimsuits cover up those bits and are reasonably easy to swim in unlike their Victorian era counterparts. You will find many reasons.

Maybe the most evident is that there can be quite a certain sensed sexuality in skinny dipping, particularly if are doing so with someone you are attracted to in a intimate setting. There are other reasons, nevertheless, which might not be as noticeable, particularly in an organization setting.
Despite the fact that morals are becoming less stringent than they were at many times previously, folks still frequently feel repressed. Skinny dipping is one way that they’ll release that feeling. It’s much like bathing, but in a bigger bath.
Those in the water have a sense of emotional independence and, since the water frequently obscures details to a great degree, can feel less embarrassed than they would if they were merely walking around bare.
Skinny Dipping in Big Deep, Woodstock, New York
The sense of freedom is another motive. Although there’sn’t much to many modern swimsuits, and most aren’t really restrictive, there is still something freeing and natural about there being absolutely nothing between you and the water that surrounds you. This awareness of freedom can be exhilarating, and many people love the adrenaline rush.
Another reason is that it is taboo, even in today’s society. To many, the act of breaking taboos and the sheer enjoyment of going against tradition feels fantastic and creates an adrenaline rush. The fact they can do something so “naughty” and, hopefully, get away with it is appealing to many folks. It’s the opportunity to rebel against social standards and expectations in a relatively safe manner.
Cooling down with a naked swim after unclothed hiking in the mountains of NY with FKK
All things considered, nobody is getting hurt by skinny dipping. It’s not infringing on anyone else’s rights. Just be careful to not do it around police, or around individuals who might call the police. Like it our not, people still often have a problem with public nudity. It’s still, in many authorities, considered to be indecent exposure.
And, let us face it, the natural state of the body is naked. Some people like to skinny dip as a way to get “back to nature” – to feel and be the way nature intended. Many people feel more at peace and at ease with themselves in this state.
Waterfall Skinny Dipping