We moved on to the next hut, and after visual confirmation that the hut was not used by anyone else, we set camp. I was still in my swimsuit and a T-shirt, my wife completely dressed. I told my wife that I did not want our new plage neighbors to feel uncomfortable by the fact that we were both fully dressed while everyone else was in the nude, or to think of us as grimy geezers who’ve come down to this component to sneak a peek at them. So I decided to just do it and get my kit off instantly, while my wife stripped down to a swimsuit rather than do the full monty like I did.

But I’d be lying if I said that my worry about the comfort of our aforementioned playa neighbors was the real reason I got naked, or if it was barely of any issue in the slightest. The actual motive, as most of http://nudismphotos.net/posts/jess-has-asked-me-to-write-about-nudism/ must have figured, is because I came here for a purpose and I was determined to meet it. And by doing that, I wasn’t merely meeting the intent of the excursion, but also a fantasy or you may say, a dream, ever since I got introduced to naturism twelve or so years ago and determined to become a naturist myself. All those years, I’ve heard other nudists talk about how fantastically liberating it’s to be entirely naked on the playa and let the sun soak and the wind caress every inch of your body. Eventually, I get to experience all of that, first hand. There I was, naked, save for shades and a lousy wrist band, on a (semi) nude beach, in the business of other naturists, for the 1st time in my own life.
To be honest, I half-expected myself to freak out and turn my back on the whole lot. It’s my first (proper) public naked experience, and it does not get any more public than this. I was naked, on a clothing-optional beach, in the middle of the day. That fact alone was enough to make me nervous, without adding up the usual worries: there was a list of what if’ questions boggling my brain, urgently seeking an answer. What will happen if I bump into someone I know? (And mind you, that is a C/O playa, so it wasn’t that much of a distant possibility). And then, there’s the typical manly’ anxiety about, ehem, you understand what, that I am not even going to mention here, seeing that it’s been discussed in durations everywhere else. In my experience, becoming nude for the very first time in public was like removing a band aid: it stings for a second or two, after which you totally ignore it. As a matter of fact, a couple of minutes into it, and I was quite surprised at how fast it felt absolutely normal and natural for me to be standing around in the nude.
While the main sand area offers a plethora of activities: volleyball, football, ping-pong, scuba diving, horse and also camel ride, participating in any of those actions will, needless to say, require some sort of clothes. Even something as easy as a beverage needs getting dressed and walking to the main playa area, where the pub is situated. The bare beach area is fairly modest, spanning just for a couple of feet, so strand walks in the buff are out of question. nudism usa is largely dirt and pebble, so any fun that comes with sand wasn’t a choice, either.
Taking a swim is, in addition, an alternative, but I was not totally sure whether swimming au naturel was actually allowed or not, as there is always the slim chance of exposing yourself to visitors of the main strand area. I determined to wait until someone else made the first move, so when the family decided to go for a dip, I followed suite. As I made my way to the water, I kept anxiously looking around me, expecting someone from the resort management to come and have a word with me, and taking minuscule, quick steps towards the water within an attempt to keep my private parts, ehem, private. Entry to the sea also requires a short stroll over a more than a few rocks, particularly at times of ebb, before you can actually go into the water, which proved to be a fairly distressing experience for the feet. But once I was in the water, I was relieved again.
At sundown, we packed our stuff and went back to our room to prepare for dinner. The following day, we decided to hit the beach straight after (a practically missed) breakfast. We were joined again by our same beach neighbors from the preceding day. Now, we were slightly more prepared: we brought a couple of drinks with us. Eventually, we had to take a couple of breaks from the unclothed routine – once to visit lunch, and another time to explore the rest of the resort.