Are Kids Beauty Pageants Sexualizing Our Young Girls?

TheSexualizing of our young girls at kids beauty pageants
So here we are, supposedly a civilized individuals. Many nudists and naturists have extremely strong dilemmas about protecting our kids and rightfully so.
Our children are our future and we SHOULD do everything possible to shield them from all types of predators, so we make rules and laws and policies at nudist resorts and clubs.
We don’t let our kids to be nude in public. We our childrento be close about their way of life at home. We don’t shoot pictures or permit photographs of kids to be taken at many resorts or actions and we allow the cloth-dependent societies to instruct that naturism is wrong, improper and dangerous.
BUT are we actually protecting the children?
Sexualized Young Girls and Children Beauty Pageants
We must comprehend isn’t the problem and predators infiltrate the fabric-dependent society and gain access to our kids in the worst ways possible. WITH PERMISSION FROM PARENTS AND SOCIETY in general. How many times have you ever viewed a 4 or 5 year old girl on you tube singing a popular tune and believe Oh that’s so cute?
She’s innocent and does not have any clue of the significance of the words and connotations as well as the manner she mimics the dance moves she’s seen in the videos. We see as she thrusts her thighs and crotch in a way that mimics sexual intercourse and duplicates words that will make adults cringe. This avi is viewed by numerous people INCLUDING pedophiles who get sexual gratification from it.
Swimwear manufactures layout thing bikini suits that can obviously only match prepubescent girls, Abercrombie and Fitch (an extremely popular clothing brand) has even promoted a particularly padded bra for 8-10 year old girls to make them seem to have breasts and make the breasts of 10-12 year olds look like upper amateurs.
Downtown Disney has a store called Studio 365 that dons hair and heavy make-up for little girls to look like princesses. Parents and society accept this sexualization of our kids as proper.
Sexualized Young Girls Thanks To Children Beauty Pageants
BUT FOLKS, it gets worse KID BEAUTY PAGEANTS! Remember Jon Benet Ramsey? Was she protected by anyone? I believe not in fact the shocking narrative here is intended to make us all think about where our true priorities SHOULD be and shouldn’t be.
Many beauty pageants including Small Miss Universe take girls ages 4-16 and literally use their femininity for people to see. without any nudity whatsoever, the girls are educated and trained to be sexual and provocative in order to attain the honors of the crowns. They’re taught by their parents, peers and society as a whole that their self worth is determined by how well they perform and the awards that they receive.
Many girls retire by 16 as their bodies change and they become more in need of finding their own identity, but most (according to the American Physiological Association Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls) reports difficulties with self acceptance, battle with relationships, have feelings that self value just comes from being sexually active, irritated by the fact they are only needed by boys and guys who have an interest in them sexually, not personally. In many reported instances, these girls have now been reported to even become involved in preteen and teen prostitution to be able to maintain their dependence on confirmation that they’re wanted.
Sexualized Young Girls – Kids Beauty Pageants Turn Little Girls into Sex Objects
Many pageants are so hyper sexualized that the girls are even taught that by being sexually provocative in movements, dress, and the runway walk, they will have an improved chance of reaching the crown. Many girls, even as young as 4 years old, are professionally taught by teachers on the proper walk. This consists of going to the end of the runway and giving the judges and camera a provocative wink and booty pop as they turn to return to the starting point.
Nancy Irwin, a Los Angeles California Psychotherapist, was quoted within an issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine as saying These little girls are being trained to look and act like sexual bait to be able to get higher votes and camera popularity and that mothers who have had inferiority problems are manipulating their own daughters and using them as tools to meet desires due to their own fame and acknowledgement.
Stacy Ditterich, a former Ashland Ohio detective can also be quoted as saying in many instances of pedophilia cases nationwide, the perpetrator has possession of substantial quantities of pageant content from public media sources as well as LIVE videos taken while they attended an event. Much of the material contains young girls scantily dressed, walking and flirting seductively for the camera, and at the driven minute, provocatively pulling her top down off her shoulders to expose her upper torso and shoulders to the judges and camera.

Sexualized Young Girl in Mainstream Media
Then she turns and lifts her dress to show her thighs and panties to the camera. These activities consistently get the ooohs and awwws of the bunch and in many cases (although not admitted by judges) are determining factors in the final results of the vote. THEN to top everything off, the names and resident cities, as well as the schools they go to and churches they attend are consistently up for public access and many times declared for the media.
Although I must confess, there have been infrequent instances where a pedophile was discovered at a naturist occasion, there is NO lawful organized crime prevention organizations that target nudists, naturist resorts or nudist communities and clubs; nonetheless, nationwide there are literally thousands of law enforcement organizations that are put in place to deter exploitation of children.
Every one of these organizations can affirm that pageants and beauty contests, child modeling agencies and similar actions all have one thing in common.. They’re a prime source for using little girls and placing them in direct access to pedophiles.
One question in close. Why do we as a society accept the exploitation and sexualization of our daughters and continue to boost and observe as our daughters are put on display as sexual beings at the ages of 4-18, and yet brainwash ourselves to believe that we’re keeping pedophiles from our children because we ban nudity in public for persons OVER 11? Go online sometime and study this one item: the national sex offender’s registry.
Sexualized Young Girl