There are other laws concerning sexual oriented businesses, but none of these apply to you personally. As far as the health code goes, the State of New Jersey has authorized municipalities to regulate the public health as they see appropriate. Any local ordinances are to be applied by the local health inspector, and usually, a municipal court judge will not care about the constitutionality of a special code being applied. They’re going to end up siding with the health inspector and fining you again and again until you correct the behaviour. If you’re hit with a fine for violating any health code, you might have the right to appeal it, but that’s very expensive, considerably more expensive than paying the fine, which will be why municipal judges don’t care about whether the ordinance is constitutional or not. Whatever the health inspector asks of you, listen, or face fines because of this. Much like traffic tickets, health code violations raise a whole lot of money for a Township, which is a consideration when Judges are upward for duration renewal.

From what I Have had the opportunity to gather, you should be allowed to have folks in the exercise place. Use of the free weights would be good as would a naked yoga course.
The difficulty comes with the utilization of gear, including seats, work out machines, spin bikes, treadmills, exercise bikes or those enormous balls. Contact between a person’s bare buttocks or genitalia just isn’t allowed on any shared gear. If someone brings their own towel and drapes it over gear, you should be ok. Yet, it is hard to ensure that contact is eliminated entirely without knickers.
As I stated above, because judges are hardly unbiased and also because the health inspector knows the health code better than I do, it’d be wise to defer to whatever the health inspector counsels on this point. When you can get their statements as to what exactly is permissible in writing, in the form of a letter, I ‘d so that if the inspector changes and the new one interprets a provision differently, you at least have a sound defense why you were in breach and you are able to prevent any fines.
If the police do attempt to enter the premises, the operator, must not let them inside under any conditions without a warrant. To get a warrant, they need to find a judge who’ll agree it is more likely than not that some kind of criminal activity is going on there. It prevents them from breaking down your door to allow them to get their jollies looking at a group of naked folks. If they come in anyway, anything they see or find indoors would not be permitted in a court of law. If you let them in, you lose this protection.
A private party / event would not be open to the general public – including the police. You’ll be able to answer their questions outside the premises, but if they would like to come in with no warrant, they have to be bash guests (or members of whatever organization is hosting the event). should avoid getting into a discussion about the nature of the legislative acts above. If they question you, avoid making any favorable statements, especially concerning the existence of kids.
You’ve learned of the right to remain silent. This is much more important than people understand. This is a constitutional right against self incrimination guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the Constitution. Your choice to remain silent (or plead the 5th) cannot be used against you. But if you do make an admission, you are opening yourself up to some misplaced prosecution for a number of the legislative acts above. Even if you’re discovered to be not guilty, you WOn’t be reimbursed your legal fees and the time and energy spent on defending your case could be easily prevented by keeping your mouth shut.
Additionally, you never understand how a puritanical Judge might interpret the laws otherwise than I do. The authorities, in this situation, are not here to protect or serve you. If they come knocking at your door, they’re not there to offer their help and you won’t be able to convince them that they should be.

Your statement to the authorities should be something along the lines of:
‘Policeman, I apologize, but I am hosting an exclusive event at an exclusive place. Admission to the event is restricted to members of and is not open to the general public, so I cannot let you in. We are not running any unlawful activity here. If you would like to enter the premises, you should either come back with a warrant, or join the organization. We host occasions here weekly and it is great, wholesome enjoyment.’
You should have a sign posted on the front door stating: ‘The premises is closed for a private event. FKK members only.’ “
So there you have it! Although these are all the pertinent NJ statutes involving nudity and it was written by legal counsel, by no means does it cover each and every situation. Laws can be tricky, they always change and sometimes city ordinances may trump state law so When in uncertainty about a legal issue, it is better to consult an attorney.
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