Does Winter Make The Nudists Nudie Drive Grow Stronger?

Winter Nudists – It was the morning of Saturday, February 11th. The weather forecast called for clear skies and a high of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The last few days had been just as warm.
The weekend was here. Strategies were made to meet up with my brother and a buddy to head to the local clothes optional creek.
Thick, gray clouds hung in the sky. But given the prediction, we were confident the clouds would let up. That glorious sun would come out and manage much needed Vitamin D.
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This year’s winter has been particularly mild in Central California. Records had been set for the least amount of precipitation in the place. We’d been feeling spoiled with winter taking its time to show up.
We had invited some friends to come and join us for the afternoon. They declined when they saw the gathering clouds. To us it didn’t matter. Confidence and assurance would prove for a glorious day of laying out.
We were wrong. The weather forecasts were wrong. The temperature was wrong. The only thing which wasn’t wrong was our approach. We still went to the best hang-out spot, ate our lunches and made the most of it. We had more fun laughing at ourselves.
We understood we were actually committed and fully mad. On a challenge, my brother bucked down and posed for a image by the creek. Somehow it didn’t seem to matter that it was 48 degrees with a 10mph NW wind. As many know, naturism is not only independence for the body, it’s independence for the heart. To be naked in nature is only icing on the cake.
Nudie Blues
Ever since then, it has snowed. It is too easy to count the days until spring. I realized, just like every winter, I had the case of the Nudie Blues. As I watched the snow flakes fall under the porch light, I swore I could have heard B.B. King singing in the background, The Thrill Is Gone.
To perpetuate the blues farther, I found myself gazing at nakation destinations via the net. Then I realized, after staring dreamily into the waters of Club Orient, enough was enough. Only because it was snowing outside, didn’t mean there was not anywhere to go or anything to do.
Okay, so I could not manage a Caribbean vacation. But that did not mean I was out of alternatives, not by a long shot. This really is California, I thought. From my place, I could be anywhere in the state within 6 hours. Therefore I got back online, this time with a practical function, and determined to look up any events or areas of interest within the state.
I couldn’t say there was a plethora of events in the Golden State, but I was surprised at all the events that were happening with distinct clubs and groups. I perused the virtual world of nudist resorts near Palm Springs. What they’d going on looked amazing and fun. Still, I knew my budget was basically limited to how much is being spent on gasoline and a affordable camp site. I just needed to get naked and relax.
I were to Deep Creek Hot Springs several times before. The camping is economical. It is found in the San Bernardino National Forrest, only outside of Apple Valley. It is exactly a 5 ? hour drive from my house. Perfect. The best part of all, it could be snowing on me and it wouldn’t make a difference while soaking in 104 degree water. Okay, maybe the best part of all is that the region is clothing optional.
It was my alternative to defeating the Mid-Winter Nudie Blues. I ‘ve taken buddies when they are able to get time off work. I’ve also gone by myself and made friends while remaining there. Every time I go, the experience never repeats itself. I come back home with a few less pressure lines, desert wind blown hair, and a small sun burned. I couldn’t ask for anything better. This experience leaves a long-lasting impression on my head that abruptly makes springtime seem not so far away.
Everybody’s options are different in kicking those Nudie Blues. The idea just isn’t letting the weather or season change your nude mood. A little online research goes a long way. Figure out what is going on and go join in. Find a resort either in or outside the state. In case a group or club is going bowling in the nude, strike one for the team. Pin, I mean pun intended.
If you are penniless, break out a lawn chair when sunlight is out and put it on a snowdrift. If you’re wealthy enough to purchase the resort you might be seeing, invite me. Winter is just ? of the year. Make the most of it. Kiss those Mid-Winter Nudie Blues farewell.
Here is an inventory of ideas you may find helpful. There may be restrictions of budget, laws, areas, and of course weather. But in regards to locating that perfect naturist outing, you have to be willing to do some winter time foot work.
Decide the minimum temperature by which you are willing to lay outside. For me, it is 55 F, or 13 C.
Hot Springs. An excellent resource is to find one near you. If , who cares what the weather is like!
Indoor tasks. Obviously, this is more an idea that caters to the die hard nudist. Some are more attracted to the indoor social perks of naturism, than the thought of browning buns. Many naturist groups go bowling, rollerskating, and have house parties. If you haven’t already, check out Even should join this group, it can ignite some thoughts to start up a group like this one on your own.
Resorts and Clubs. Though many are closed or inactive during the cold months, some offer great indoor interests and leisure activities. Plus if it is the offseason, some resorts offer discount rates.
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Here are several other great links that point you in the way of kicking those Nudie Blues!
Nudism is an attitude. It’s that innocent liberty that allows us to go against the flow and lay out our towels. It pushes our limits and insecurities back behind enemy lines. The Nudie Blues aren’t based upon conditions around us, but instead our state of mind. March looks like a great month for nude snowboarding.
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