the norm in Europe for several years, and while a bit slow to “catch on” in the US

proper, it’s becoming very popular, particularly in Caribbean destinations
catering to American tourists.
It’s not at all uncommon for the first timer to be a little nervous getting
started, but once they get out of their garments, any nervousness fast
There are two quite good procedures of going about getting “nekkid” for the first
1. Lots of first timers will pick destinations that are clothes optional for
their first excursion. Optional means exactly what it implies – you can choose to go
with or without your bathing suit. Many of the finer resorts like the Grand
Lido’s in Jamaica all have clothing optional beaches. In this way you’ll be able to work out
of your suit somewhat more slowly until you’re comfortable.
2. Just jump right in and “Go for it”. If you’ve already made the choice to
go to a clothing optional or nude strand you have already passed the largest
hurdle. When you get there, head out to or pool, and promptly
strip all the way from your clothing, just like you have been doing it all of
you life. Remember… All those other folks are “nekked” too… so it is not a
Enormous matter about them to see you in your birthday suit.
Just like you and me! In our journeys to
Clothes optional or bare destinations we have met all sorts of people including
businessmen, entrepreneurs, secretaries, physicians, professionals, office &
factory workers alike. The great thing about going to a clothing optional
destination is that everybody is the same. Any pretensions of class or position
are normally quickly lost and everybody seems to fit together and socialize
My body
is far from perfect. Will not I be embarrassed?
If you are going to a nude beach anticipating
to see a bare version of “Baywatch” you are likely to be disappointed or relieved
as the case may be. One quick look around a nude beach and you’ll shortly recognize
that as we mentioned before, most everyone is just like you and me. You see
bodies of all kinds, shapes and sizes – tall, short, calorically challenged
(thin), calorically endowed (um… opposite of thin), black, white, brown and
everything in between. Not wearing garments is nothing to be embarrassed about.
Wayne, our webmaster, connects his observations about some of his visits to
resorts that have both “fabric” and “nude” shores. He discovers the folks on
the “clothed” sections of the shores consistently seem to BE A WHOLE LOT more body conscious
than on the nude beach. Always tugging and adjusting suits so they look only
right, while the people on the nude beach are relaxed and comfy. We’ve
Detected exactly .
What is
the difference between Clothing Discretionary (C/O) and Nudist facilities.
A resort or strand that is Garments Optional
means that you simply can be dressed or nude in the designated areas – your option.
Many first timers favor Clothing Discretionary locations because it gives them a
Opportunity to “ease” out of their clothes. A Bare or Fkk facility or shore
Normally means that you are expected to be out of your clothes entirely in the
designated places.
What do
I do about “Woody” or “That Time” of the Month?
For the guys:
Do not presume that merely because you’ve stepped out on a nude beach your are
going to get an automatic stiffy. Sure its possible, but actually its pretty
Improbable. But if it does occur just roll over on your tummy for some time, or

cover up with a towel until the “situation” subsides. We have noticed over the
last few years though that the medical miracle known as the “little blue pill”
has had a noticeable effect at clothing optional and nude resorts, especially
around the pool or spa at night. We are not telling you what to do, but merely
remember that the effects from those things can be quite long lasting.
For the gals:
What terrible time, Huh? But do not worry about it, just go with the flow… so to
Talk. Normally women on their heavy days will simply don a bathing suit bottom
and go on having an excellent time. On lighter days, most women just do away with the
bottoms and simply tuck the string. No big deal… either way.
What is
this I hear about “Nude Etiquette”?
Any clothing optional or bare facility may
have their own rules, but usually the following guidelines will be
Constantly keep a towel
handy and place it over any furniture you sit on. (Good hygiene)
Don’t stare or “gawk”
at others who are naked.
Refrain from any
Primitive or lewd remarks about another persons body or appearance.
No photography. Save
your picture taking for when nobody else is around and/or ask permission if
anyone else will be contained in your photos or videos.
Observe the “rules of
the house”. If a facility designates that clothes must be worn in specific
Regions, or at particular times – please comply.
Personally… we’re very much in favor of
sex!!! Oh… you mean public displays of sexual activity that you just might have
heard about at some resorts?