Dan of FKK KC Reviews His Stay At Show Me Acres

A report on Show Me Acres Nudist Resort:
Show Me Acres Nudist Resort: My wonderful girl and I recently seen the imperial (relative term) Show Me Acres naturist resort in Missouri. The resort is situated near the Lake of the Ozarks – a large man-made reservoir and Missouri’s largest state park. We ventured out by ourselves with no expectations, reservations or plans. We called ahead, obviously, to be certain that there were camping plots available. We’d decided to stay for the Labor Day weekend, Saturday through Monday.
We made the 2 hour journey from Kansas City on a Saturday, about midday, and arrived later than http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html meant. But to that, I say, we were in no rush to start with. Upon arriving at the rod iron front gate, we were greeted by two large real lionsinteresting. The gate was manual, and as we followed another couple through, being the last car, we had to escape to fix the gate. Not an issue in my book.
Upon entering the resort, we were granted perspectives of only trees, a gravel path and a pleasant welcoming sign. It was a decent drive, through the woods, down the hill and into the opening which would hold the middle of the property.
A nice large house with a huge beautiful lawn backed up to a fairly large pool, hot tub, sun deck set up that was constructed close to the ENORMOUS clubhouse. We parked and naturally, right off, I was nude. My woman, again, keeping clothed. (She’ll get there!) We walked to the clubhouse, previous couples already chewing the fat and bathing nude in the sun, where we entered and enrolled. Another speedy procedure and instead escalated fees (not outrageous but higher than we’d have enjoyed).

Show Me Acres Nudist Resort
Once welcomes and little chit chat was discovered, we left to find our campground on this 130 acre piece of land. Nestled back in the trees, at the end of a auto wide course, next to some stream, we set up camp. My woman left her past behind, along with her clothes. We grabbed our cooler and headed back to the pool.
We were not greeted nor spoke to at first. The group there seemed to have a little apprehension toward us, so we found a place in the corner and went to get comfy. http://x-nudism.com/community/nudist were going to love ourselves no matter what others believed.
After a time, we were approached by several folks and spoke a bit and appreciated a little bit of “get to know ya” chit chat. Eventually we found ourselves in the pool playing volleyball with 12 other individuals. It was interesting!
At night, they hosted a pot luck, of which we knew about beforehand, and a chili cook off! We all ate and had great conversation and laughs and of course returned to the pool.
The night wore on and we found ourselves in the hot tub, in the pool, in the hot tub, etc. The awful experience was the horse flies! Holy elephant trunks! Those things were enormous! Possibly contaminated by some kind of primordial ooze!
Only kidding. But they were big!
The next day went pretty much the same, save for the cocktail contest by which we were judges. We met some fine couples and even one that lived out near us. All in all a great experience. We did feel a bit “nickel and dimed” but not overly.
Show Me Acres Hotel Room
Oh, I almost forgot, they also had hotel rooms. Like genuine, real hotel rooms with the largest showers I’ve ever seen.
We’d recommend a visit. It is a bit much for our taste, but we are going to definitely be returning.
Learn more about Show Me Acres at http://www.showmeacresnudistresort.com.
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Dan Stark is the leader of the FKK Kansas City chapter. He discovered naturism in the summertime of 2013 and is now an enthusiastic patron of the nudie life (along with his girlfriend).