Naked Meditation, Crystal Energy & Delicious Raw Chocolate

Treating and Opening the Heart Naturally –
After a sold-out event in January, we determined to bring it back this month! FKK is teaming up with vegan chef Sarah Eve for another blissful evening of chocolate and drum meditation. This evening will have an extra special twist as she’ll direct us to learn how to use the healing energy of crystals. Every one will learn the best way to bill / personalize work with their crystal – and take it home!
Learn the way to cure yourself with crystals, vegan chocolate, nude meditation and community love.
Naked Meditation and Raw Vegan Chocolate Occasion
Naked Meditation Occasion
Come nurture and honor your head, body, and spirit with delicious raw chocolate and meditative drum journeying in a sacred nude party. Uncooked chocolate is all-natural, vegan, and known to cause deep states of happiness.*
Enlarge your heart, receive healing, and appreciate a chilly winter night indoors with deliciously heating treats and fresh friends! All are welcome- singles**, couples, friends, chocolate lovers, and the curious alike.
Where: Alphabet City Sanctuary
638 East 6th Street 3rd Floor NYC
Time: 7-9:30pm
Please arrive by 7: , so as not to disrupt the meditation.
Price: $35 per individual paid RSVP
Tickets: Tickets substantially be purchased in advance online.
Space is limited, and we’ll sell out, so do not wait!
What to bring: This event is naked, so please bring a towel to sit / lay on, together with a tote for your clothes / belongings (plastic bags will be provided if you need one).
First naturist / FKK occasion? Check out our event FAQs.
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About Sarah: Sarah Eve is a Culinary Shaman, making magic in the kitchen and curing from the heart. She is a certified Usui Reiki master and practicing shaman with a deep love of the healing arts. Integrating her expertise also as a global vegan chef, she uses food as another medicinal tool in achieving whole body health. Her decadent desserts and savory entrees demonstrate that healthy food can be distinctively delectable. She has consulted restaurants in NYC, Bali, and Singapore, designing menus using local flavors, and specializes in luscious raw, vegan, and gluten-free desserts. Sarah Eve is the founder of the Revolutionary Raw Vegan Culinary Creators group and offers private dinners, catering, and informative courses.
*In addition to promoting healthy mental and emotional states, raw cacao beans have extremely positive effects on the cardiovascular system in the body. Cacao contains polyphenols, the same beneficial antioxidants found in red wine. It is entirely possible to appreciate the health benefits of drinking the recommended “daily glass of ” without consuming alcohol by eating chocolate. Yup. The Greek genus “theobroma cacao” also translates to “food of the gods.”
**We strive to keep a gender balance at every event. So while we do welcome single men, tickets are generally limited for gender balance.
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