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Doing Burning Man Nude – Ever fantasize about what it’d be like to experience a clothes-optional society? Where the fashion standards of our culture are set aside and being nude in http://www.thoun.com/latest-updates/ is deemed acceptable? Fully being a naturist for some 25 years approximately, I certainly have.
My husband and I found this type of spot in 2004. It was at the Burning Man art festival held at Black Rock City, Nevada. This temporary non-business community of about 50,000 individuals comes together for a week each year. They’re there to celebrate radical self-expression.
One of the principles of Burning Man is contribution. Their web site states: Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can happen only through the medium of deeply personal involvement. Everyone is encouraged to work. Everyone is encouraged to play.
Burnning Guy Bare Naked City
With this principle in mind, for the last few years, I’ve coordinated a Theme Camp called Naked City. Our team, which will be sponsored by The Naturist Society’s (TNS) NOVA plan, as well as, South Florida Free Beaches, serves this community. It creates a space where individuals can learn about naturism and experience the special feeling of enjoying our recreation while nude.
We pass out N Magazines, postcards from Haulover Beach and printed nudist etiquette standards (among other things). We have even built more .
Although you will find some other nudies in the bunch, we’re undoubtedly in the minority. It’s kind of like having a clothed individual in a naturist park we stick out. Nevertheless, we’ve always been handled with respect, tolerance and kindness with lots of eye contact and tons of questions.
These regional burns are held worldwide but the principles remain constant. It’s not only a chance to experience a unique community, but also a chance to share naturism with people who are amenable to new ideas.
It is suggested that before creating your own camp that you attend any of these burns as a participant to actually get the essence of the big event. Prepare to be self reliant in regard to your own food, water and shelter. Nothing is for sale and no vendors or commercial ads are enabled.
If you’re considering becoming a citizen, you’ll need to get a ticket and this festival sells out. Keep up to date on http://www.floridapreheat.com for ticket info.
As with this writing the dates have not been posted. South Florida Free Beaches has posted the pictures from our After burn in November. We had several art jobs this year and had a fantastic time.
If you really might like to do something about legitimizing naturism, and are brave enough to mainstream it, this really is a fantastic way to put some action behind those words.
All you must do is give the gift of yourself.
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