Nudity and Art – What’s the big deal?

Nudity And Artwork – In the modern world, nudity is one of the few things left with real power.
By far the best known of unclothed art in the world is David by Renaissance master Michelangelo. Weighing 6 tons and cut from one piece of marble, it depicts the biblical David as he prepares to fight Goliath.
Michelangelo’s Unclothed Sculpture Of David
The sculpture lived in the city of Florence for centuries, symbolizing the independence of the Florentine city state and defiance of Rome. Today it lives in the Accademia Gallery in Florence.
The Venus de Milo, by Alexandros of Antioch, is a bit of Greek art depicting a girl who is bare from the waist-up. While she initially had arms, they were broken off at some point and lost to the sands of time. While undoubtedly a nicely-crafted piece of artwork, its fame comes partly from an active propaganda effort by the French authorities exalting what an important and amazing piece of art it was.
Naked Art Sculpture of Venus de Milo
Among artists best known for their naked artworks, the clear winner is Peter Paul Rubens. A Baroque-era painter from the Netherlands, he was incredibly prolific and created many innocent, mythology-influenced paintings, but is today largely remembered for his bare artwork of full-figured women.
Bare Art by Peter Paul Rubens of Bare Venus Cupid Bacchus and Ceres
It is uncommon for any piece of art to bring attention in the modern world. What little cash and energy is spent on artwork is seen in some segments of society as being, by definition, waste. Art that does attract attention in the world has an incredibly strong propensity to be related to nudity.
Examples of such art are thenaked photography of stars, the sculpture of Britney Spears naked and modeled on a bearskin rug, or PETA’s advertising and temporary outdoor art installations with nude or painted models.
Bare Art Life-size Sculpture of Celeb Britney Spears – Naked on a Bearskin Rug
Whether it is a good thing that folks can still have their attention drawn and wallets opened from seeing a straightforward naked picture is something to think about.
Great unclothed artwork should be adopted and never be considered controvercial -Nudist Portal