Hippies Vs. Inhabit Wall Street –

Fighting Discouragement With Hate:
Occupy Wall Street failed where others succeeded – WHY? Allow me to clarify why I believe it failed, the lessons which should be learned and the links it might have to Fkk Portal as well as other fkk organizations.
So what was Inhabit Wall Street? Basically it was an anarchist “leaderless” movement that, simply put, desired to stop capitalism. They offered up no actual solutions to some of the problems but protested the things they did not approve of in http://nudists-young.org .
Their name says it all –
The Inhabit movement bears a striking likeness to Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin’s “Awesome Left” movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Both the Awesome Left and Inhabit movements attracted disappointed individuals who lost all trust in the economic and political systems in the States. Both were out to shake up the status quo with the hopes of running a societal revolution / societal coup.
Neither were genuinely looking to solve the dilemmas and work within the present system. They did not believe in the election system nor did they feel that any change could be brought about unless the governments were to be taken over and reconstructed from scratch. There were no recognized targets or standards for success and both were more revolutionaries than “evolutionaries.” They both used negativity to bring attention to their efforts and becoming detained on national TV was considered amazing!
In the case of Inhabit Wall Street, individuals behind the scenes, pulling the strings, used deception and flat out lies to get focus. With the assistance of some reporters they put out bogus statements to bring attention.
Their first huge hoax was their statement that Radio Head (a popular music group) was going to preform when in fact, no such event was planned. People flocked by hundreds to see the band preform and once they got there, they were greeted by scores of Occupiers who began preaching. Obviously, many people were put off by this publicity stunt, but at the exact same time it gave OWS the chance to address hundreds of new potential assistants. Those that stayed must have quickly forgotten that they were lied to.
In marked contrast to the Awesome Left (and the OWS ideals) was the hippie movement. The hippie movement, which was part of the “Old Left,” was out to address specific social issues and needed to create something awesome rather than ruin the present system. Hippies needed to end the war in Vietnam, they wanted equal rights, more endurance and used favorable messages to gain support.
Each of the preceding movements appealed to very different demographics. The hippie movement of the late sixties ignited something within a particular demographic that believed in nonviolent ways to address dilemmas. They attracted folks from all over America and ignited something with artists for example Joan Baez, CCR, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and others who all dropped what they were doing and went to support the cause in a little known town in Fresh York called Woodstock.
Nude Hippies at Woodstock 1969
The Occupy Wall Street movement, was about anarchy and completely shattering the status quo. Since they considered that lies and misinformation were satisfactory ways to get focus, they appealed to those with very different value systems (or the lack thereof) than those who supported the hippies.
The Awesome Left got its media interest when they protested at the 1968 democratic convention in Chicago. But shortly afterward, these leaders and the movement they created dwindled and pretty much vanished without making as much of an impact as they would have liked.
The First Chicago 8
Take Wall Street is going through exactly the same thing. They set out to topple the status quo and have very little to demonstrate by way of positive impacts. The hippie movement disappeared over the years also, but they created a heritage that is felt and discussed to nude pussy beach . Their achievements in areas of civil rights and the Vietnam War had a major impact on the United States. They also had a clear impact on the arts in all its various facets. Their ideals are harking back to still today in music, art, and in everyday life.
What I ‘m basically trying to say is that while fury and fury are powerful motivators, Love has staying power. Young Naturists America isn’t about taking away, it is about building on what presently exists and attempting to correct much of the societal problems that plague society today. We’re not leeching away of others’ success, we’re developing a subculture that’s completely independent and distinct.
Make Love Not War