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Royal Nude Stars:
Naked Stars – The past few weeks have been fairly active with narratives of nude celebs appearing in public in one way or another. Maybe the two most intriguing nude celebrities involve members of the British Royal family – Prince Harry, second-in-line to the throne and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, his sister in law and wife of heir to the throne Prince William.
The way they appeared, nevertheless, couldn’t be more distinct.
Prince Harry seemingly had an excellent time in Vegas, prior to shipping out to Afghanistan for military service. To be honest, Harry did not seem nude in public. Rather, photos were taken of him during a party he was having in his hotel suite with friends old and new. His security detail did not confiscate the phones/cameras of guests before entry, and the photographs were definitely released without his approval.
Among the challenges we face as nudists is the way the media portrays nudity. In America, society is already programmed to equate only being nude with sex and/or inappropriate behavior.
Prince Harry Is One Of in France, on the other hand, is more in line with what we would consider a typical, uncontroversial fkk task. This should, if anything, be a positive for nudism – Catherine is well-liked in the United Kingdom and abroad. Yet the vast media these photographs are receiving appear to reinforce the perception that what she’s doing is naughty and unbecoming a royal.
Does the nudist movement have a chance of ever winning over the media? Are we destined to be forever associated with and celebrity sleaze?
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