Bob’s Burgers Unclothed Beach Episode Gets It Right (Almost)

I’m a huge fan of the popular cartoon sitcom, Bob’s Burgers. Parents Bob and Linda Belcher are raising three children: Tina, Louise and Gene.
The show is amusing, first, and most surprisingly, sex-positive. (The sex-positive approaches show through the three children characters along with the parents’ attitudes towards sexuality.) It’s called “Unclothed Beach.”
In this episode, Bob has problems with his restaurant health inspectors and at once, a naked beach opens up in town. It starts out with Hugo, his usual nemesis health inspector, who gives bob’s burgers a “C” evaluation after Bob fails to show his “hand washing certification.” The family requests Hugo and his partner who they are going to harass next when the subsequent dialog ensues:
Hugo: “Good Bob if you must know maybe you have heard our town is now home to a disgusting naked beach! There have already been reports of vendors there serving food while n-n-naked.”
Tina: “That is how the vendors served food in the Bible.”
Hugo: “Do not bring faith into this!”
The Bible comment is amusing, but I understand it doesn’t appear like we are off to a great beginning. We’ve got the customary “ew, gross” remark about naked people at a bare beach.
Linda seems happy about the nude beach and inquires Bob when they will reach go. Bob answers, “Bare beaches are full of heavy, out of shape old bodies and I don’t wanna go there and realize I look exactly like that.”
Bob’s line starts out negative, but turns out to be a gem of honesty and self-awareness. A lot of times folks are uneasy or express disgust with nude bodies because they are embarrassed of their own naked bodies. It reminds them of how they themselves do not measure up to society’s beauty standards.
Tina needs to go see the unclothed beach and offers to opt for her mom Linda for a fun “mommy daughter nudity day.” But Bob says he’s pretty certain kids aren’t permitted there.
Linda ends up going to the beach with her friend Gretchen. They come upon a sign that says the strand is for age 18 , and this really is a odd assumption, as most naked beaches do not have an age restriction. It is also unfortunately reinforcing the idea that naturism is an “adult” activity and never appropriate for kids. (In reality many families and children frequent nude beaches.)
American television can not even free the nipple on animations. Miserable. Image: Fox
The playa scene is otherwise an accurate portrayal. There is a variety of people sunbathing, playing sports, socializing etc. But even though it is a cartoon, they avoid showing any genitals. Additionally , I found it a little surprising how they reveal male nipples but not female nipples. All the background characters supposed to be women are covering their chests in some way or they’re strategically blocked. We are talking about two flesh-colored dots. Is the Fox network afraid to lose their patrons over two dots? Or is this the FCC protecting everyone from animation dots? It is rather idiotic either manner.
Meanwhile, Tina, Louise and Gene go to check out the plage from a distance. They see that it’s located underneath a cliff, and crafty Louise gets an idea. They hash-out an idea to carve out an overlook on the cliff with a view of the nude beach and sell “nudity tours to adolescent boys.” Gene says, “It Is like the Internet but outside!” This can be a fine wink to the fact that children are not permitted at the strand, but naked folks and even porn is so readily seen online.
As Gene and Tina blaze a trail through the bushes (so they could reach a stage where the bare beach can be seen) Louise proclaims, “We Are gonna function as the Lois and Clark of naturism!”
Gretchen points out the hot men in the drum circle at the bare beach. Photo: Fox
While the kids are active with their master plan, Linda and Gretchen are hanging out at the sand. They spot a drum circle and Linda is shocked to recognize among the drummers – it’s Naked Hugo! The health inspector detected he adored the nude beach. He even takes a leave of absence from his job to pursue his new found love for .
Back at the restaurant, Linda tells Bob about Hugo, and the kids casually show their plans for earning money off the nude beach. Here the parents express their tacit acceptance of the children seeing nudity. While they abide by the beach’s 18 rule, they have no problem with the children looking from a distance. Bob only wishes them good luck.
At school, the children work on enticing their classmates into seeing the naked folks at the nude beach. Additionally they develop a fresh partner, Daryl, who has a telescope they are able to use. The next day they will have a line of youngsters ready to pay $1 each to get a peak.
Jpg: Fox
Nevertheless once the other children get a glimpse, they are disappointed in seeing “gross” old people. Louise takes charge of the situation and changes their view with a wonderful sales pitch: “You guys! You’re looking at this the wrong way! You wanna see nice bodies, get a magazine. That is real, people! Check out that guy! What is that, is that the liver spot? Is a birth mark? Is that a third nipple? Who knows! You can not write this crap!”
Her pitch renews interest, and the young customers line up to see real-life naked people. The action is still a bit voyeuristic, but now the children are excited to see the nude bodies they don’t get to see otherwise. Typical nudity in films and magazines is restricted to one body type and one fake homogenized appearance. Here, ironically, the children have to monitor a bare beach from afar and through a lens to see actual bodies.
The Belcher children and their classmates see the naked beach through a telescope. Photo: Fox
Back at the restaurant, Bob is fighting with the new health inspector who shuts him down and starts blackmailing him. nudist russian videos figures his only hope to fix everything would be to get Hugo to return to his job. He ends up competing with Hugo in the “Nudecathalon” – their nude Olympics at the nude beach, with 27 actions that contained a two-legged race, long jump, yank-a-war and wrestling.
Up on the cliff, the Belcher kids get a surprise in seeing their own dad nude on the playa. They see it as punishment for “playing with fire.” Louise is affected and drastically covers her eyes. Tina remarks “I believe dad looks quite good considering he’s had 3 children.” But they keep seeing the Nudecathalon and shortly they are swept up in the excitement and cheer on Bob to win.
Bob and Hugo wrestle in the closing Nudecathalon activity. Jpg: Fox